WWE: Money In The Bank 2011 (02)

Posted: July 18, 2011 in Entertainment, Sports
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            Raw & Smack Down Ladder Match (Money In The Bank Ladder Match)

            Kelly Kelly retains the Divas Title (Kelly Kelly Photos)

Winner: Christian (By DQ)

       One of the most awaited match of the Smack Down at Money In The Bank 2011 (PPV) was watching The Viper sting on The Captain Charisma. The new stipulations of this match was that if Randy Orton is disqualified (DQ) then Christian gets the title. Christian took advantage of the new stipulations. He spits on Randy as he comes nearby. Orton looses his cool; goes for a Low-Blow in front of the ref. Referee calls for the bell & declares Christian as The New World Heavyweight Champion.
       Christian gets what he wanted, but Orton wont like this. He nails Christian with the monitor at the announcer’s table. Furious with anger, the Viper gives an RKO over the announcer’s table. As the Viper still can’t cool down, he goes for one more RKO over the table. Christian, The New World Heavyweight Champion, lies down harmed.

FULL COMMENTARY: The bell rings and they square up. Christian goes to the floor and brings a steel chair back into the ring. Christian slides it to Orton, hoping he will get DQ’d. Orton picks the chair up but throws it out of the ring. Orton drops Christian with a right hand and takes him to the corner for more. Orton with a big back drop out of the corner. Orton starts stomping on Christian. Christian turns it around with a cheap shot and right hands in the corner. Christian leaps over the ropes but lands hard on the floor as Orton moved. Orton runs Christian into the steel steps. Orton goes to bring Christian in with the second rope DDT but it’s blocked. Christian with an elbow from the second rope for a 2 count. Christian keeps in control and drops Orton with another elbow for another 2 count. Christian chokes Orton on the ropes and connects with a big right hand. Christian with another 2 count. Orton comes back with a roll up out of nowhere but Christian then spinebusters him for a 2 count.

Christian goes for Killswitch but Orton blocks it. Christian counters that but Orton clotheslines them both out to the floor. They come back in and an RKO is blocked. Orton runs into a big boot. Christian is caught off the second rope and Orton pins him jacknife style for 2. Orton with a Thesz Press and several right hands. Orton goes for the DDT again but Christian counters. Christian comes off the second rope but Orton dropkicks him in midair. 2 count for Orton. Christian comes back and goes to the top rope but Orton stops him. They duke it out and Orton connect with several rights in a row. Christian shoves Orton to the mat and hits a big diving headbutt for a 2 count. Christian counters another RKO. Orton connects with two clotheslines. Christian kicks him. Orton fights back with uppercuts and goes for another RKO but it’s blocked. Christian hits Killswitch but only gets 2.

Christian readies for a spear but Orton dodges it. Orton with a gutwrench into a neckbreaker for 2. Orton prepares for a punt kick but doesn’t. Orton with a scoop slam. Orton finally hits the second rope DDT. Orton goes for an RKO again but Christian drops to the mat and backs into the corner. Christian spits in Orton’s face and this enrages him. Orton mounts Christian with right hands as the ref tells him to get off. Orton kicks Christian below the belt and is disqualified. Christian wins the Title.

POST-Match: Orton goes nuts and attacks Christian at ringside and tears up the announcer’s table. Orton nails Christian with a monitor and lays him over the table. Teddy Long comes out with officials to try and talk Orton down. Orton RKO’s Christian on top of the Spanish announcer’s table but it doesn’t break. Orton walks away but gets riled up by the fans and runs back over to Christian. Orton RKO’s Christian again on top of the table but it still doesn’t break. Orton yells at Christian before walking off again. The crowd is going nuts as Orton stops and turns around again. He looks to return to Christian but instead heads to the back. Finally, we see officials helping new World Heavyweight Champion Christian at ringside.

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