WWE: Night of Champions 2011 [2]

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Sports
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No Disqualification Match: Triple H vs. CM Punk


Winner: Triple H



John Cena Earns his 10th WWE Title

Randy Orton Lost the Title

Kelly Kelly Retains her Divas Title (Kelly Kelly Photos)

Tag Team Match: Air Boom vs. The Awesome Truth

Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase for WWE Intercontinental Champion

4-Men WWE US Title Match

.4-Men WWE US Title Match

Full Commentary:

Out first comes CM Punk for tonight’s main event. Punk, wearing a CM Punk ice cream bar, takes a seat in the ring and waits for The Game. Out next comes Triple H to a nice reaction from the crowd also. Punk attacks Triple H while he’s posing on the apron and here we go. Punk beats Triple H around the ring and throws him over the barrier and into the crowd. Punk takes apart the announcers table. Triple H runs over and starts beating him around the ring.

Triple H whips Punk around the ring and throws him over the announcers table. HHH wails away and takes Punk up on top of the table. Punk counters and runs off the table, into the ring. He invites HHH into the ring as the crowd chants Punk. They go at it with right hands. Punk backs HHH in the corner and continues the exchange. Triple H turns it around with more right hands. Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Punk rams him back into the corner with shoulder thrusts. Punk goes for a high knee in the corner but Triple H moves and he lands out on the floor. It’s mostly Lawler and Booker on commentary as Cole has lost his voice. HHH puts Punk on the apron and slams his knee into the ring post repeatedly. HHH continues the assault until Punk fires back with right hands. Punk whips HHH hard into the barrier. Punk hits a high knee while HHH is leaned up against the apron and the ring post. Punk goes for the bulldog on the floor but HHH pushes him over the barrier.

HHH leaps down off the barrier with a right hand and now they’re in the crowd. HHH hits a big forearm to the chest and mounts Punk with right hands, asking what Punk said about his wife. They fight through the crowd trading shots now. Punk turns it around and throws HHH through some railing and down onto the concrete near the entrance. Punk hits a series of forearm shots to the head. HHH turns it around and catapults Punk face first into the set. HHH goes for a Pedigree on the concrete but Punk fights him off. Punk backdrops HHH over the set and we can’t see him until the camera goes behind. Punk gets on top of the set and leaps down with a right hand. Punk throws duffle bags full of something at HHH as they fight back to the entrance. Punk rams HHH’s head into the set.

Punk brings HHH back toward the ring and kicks him in the gut. Punk connects with a kick to the head and HHH rolls back in the ring. Punk brings a steel chair in the ring and smacks HHH in the back with it. 2 count for Punk. Punk wedges the chair between the top rope and the middle rope, then kicks HHH in the head. Punk fires away with knees to the face but HHH catches him with a big spinebuster for a 2 count. HHH eventually sends Punk head first into the chair and Punk ends up on the floor. HHH comes from behind and takes out Punk’s knee. HHH brings Punk to the apron. Punk tries to fight him off but HHH wraps his leg around the ring post a few more times. HHH grabs the chair and smacks it into Punk’s knee and the ring post. HHH throws Punk a crotch chop and goes for a figure four on the floor. Punk counters and sends HHH head first into the ring steps.

HHH grabs a monitor from the announcers table but Punk kicks him in the head and he ends up on the table. Punk goes in the ring and climbs to the top. Punk leaps down and crashes through HHH and the announcer’s table with a big elbow drop. It takes them a few minutes to make it back in the ring. The Miz and R-Truth run down. Truth beats on Punk while Miz wails away on HHH in the corner.

Miz drops HHH with a Skull Crushing Finale while Truth hits his finisher on Punk. They drag Punk over and put his arm on HHH. The referee has to count but HHH kicks out at 2. Miz approaches the referee and gets in his face. Miz shoves the ref and gets back in his face. Miz mushes him back again. The referee comes back pointing at Miz. The referee blocks a right hand from Miz and connects with one on him. Miz and Truth beat Scott Armstrong down and finally kick him out of the ring. John Laurinaitis comes out next. Truth and Miz turn around to Punk and HHH. Punk and HHH clean house and empty the ring. HHH lands a Pedigree on Punk but there is no referee yet as Laurinaitis has been calling for one. A referee finally runs down but Laurinaitis stops him from entering the ring. Laurinaitis tells him to tend to referee Scott Armstrong who is out on the floor.

Triple H gets up and turns around to a GTS from Punk. Punk covers and Laurinaitis throws the referee in the ring for the count. Truth breaks the pin and Punk drops him on the floor with a GTS. Punk springboards into the ring but Triple H catches him in mid-air with a kick and a Pedigree. HHH covers but Punk kicks out at 2! They show Laurinaitis texting someone on his phone it looks like. Kevin Nash comes through the crowd and enters the ring. Nash drops Punk with a right hand and hits HHH with the same. Nash backs HHH in the corner and hits him with big knees to the gut. Nash beats HHH down and goes for a Jackknife powerbomb. Punk makes the save and beats Nash into the corner. Nash fights him off. Nash drops Punk with a Jackknife powerbomb. Nash goes to the floor where Triple H is. Nash hits a big forearm shot, knocking HHH back down. Nash clears the announcers table as Booker T tries to talk to him. Cole hasn’t talked in a long time after losing his voice. Nash turns around to a sledgehammer shot from HHH and he goes down.

HHH enters the ring where Punk is recovering from the powerbomb. HHH hits a Pedigree and this time gets the pin and the win.



Match Photos:

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